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Frank Anthony Polito - books


"Band Fags! is like the gay teen flick John Hughes never got around to making."

- Dennis Hensley, author of Misadventures in the (213)

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Library Journal

“Playwright and novelist Polito’s (Drama Queers!) new series is built on a solid foundation that consists of an eclectic cast of characters…a close-knit community setting in the form of a posh suburb of Detroit, and a leisurely paced plot with a killer twist. VERDICT: Not since Sarah Graves’s Jake Tiptree mysteries has home remodeling been so deadly entertaining.”

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Publishers Weekly

"Polito shows great fondness for and recall of all things '80s (Jordache jeans, mid-period Bee Gees, Jon-Erik Hexum, Nintendo etc.) as Jack's journey through Webb Junior High and Hazel Park ("Hillbilly") High becomes an angst-ridden rollercoaster ride. Polito also has the era's teen talk down: Jack's headlong narration is sweet and funny."

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"Polito has a gift for writing dialogue the way teens actually talk, which is a relief since many writers do not."

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