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Representation: Zero Gravity Mgt.

Contact: Joe Riley

Peasant Ridge



After being cast as the lead in her high school play, a transgender girl from the wrong side of the tracks must choose between the affections of her gay best friend, the playwright, and her leading man, a rich but sensitive — and oh so cute! — cis boy from the right side of town.


ROSE is super excited about starring in the school play – an angsty teen drama called Peasant Ridge, in which a poor girl falls in love with a rich boy, proving that true love conquers all. The only problem is finding her perfect leading man. Rose’s gay best friend MOUSE, the playwright, has his heart set on popular (and oh so cute!) BLAISE, a one-time friend who sadly ghosted Mouse, at the insistence of his conservative father, after Mouse came out when they were still kids. Because of this fact, Rose has no interest in having Blaise audition for the play, let alone appearing opposite her on stage.


Being a good BFF, Rose eventually asks Blaise to consider auditioning, for the sake of the play and to make Mouse happy. Since Blaise is off the football team due to a broken arm, maybe he’ll give acting a shot? At auditions, sparks fly between Blaise  and Rose and Blaise is cast as Rose’s leading man. In order to convincingly portray BF and GF, Rose and Blaise start hanging out. One night they run into “mean girl” KAYLA who, as a joke, suggests that Blaise and Rose go to Homecoming together.

Later that night, Blaise asks Rose to be his date for the big dance. But when a jealous Kayla sends out an anonymous mass text, containing a picture of Rose taken when she still presented as a boy, Blaise starts to worry.  He knows his father won’t tolerate his involvement with a transgender girl, so he backs off.


Quickly, Blaise is drawn back in, out of his heart’s desire to be with Rose. He surprises her by showing up at her drag queen mentor EVE DÉTROIT’s cabaret show. When Mouse realizes there’s something between Rose and Blaise outside of rehearsals, he has a change of heart. He warns Rose that Blaise can’t be trusted. Rose informs a shocked Mouse that Blaise has asked her to Homecoming. An argument ensues and Rose leaves with Blaise. They head to a party, where Rose tries to fit in with Blaise’s rich  and popular friends. It soon becomes clear to Rose that Blaise sees them as nothing more than costars in a play, when he denies they are dating IRL.


However... The next night, Blaise shows up at Rose’s house. With her DAD off at work, Blaise and Rose make love. Post-coitus, Blaise is visibly shaken. In the morning, when Rose attempts to contact him, her messages go unanswered. Back at school, Rose learns that Blaise has dropped out of the play. She confronts him, asks if they’re still going to Homecoming. Blaise informs Rose that he can’t take her to the dance. She calls him out as being a coward – too ashamed to date a trans girl. Blaise gives it right back. Everything isn’t about Rose. His dad will always be his dad. There’s nothing he can do to change this.

Rose ultimately decides to attend Homecoming, wearing her mother’s dress from the 1980s. She meets up with Mouse, they hit the dance floor...and Blaise eventually arrives – looking hotter than ever, of course! He apologizes for what he’s done and thanks Rose for helping him realize the person he truly is: a cis boy who likes trans girls. Rose embraces Blaise with a kiss, worthy of a Hollywood movie ending.


CUT TO: Opening night of the school play. Rose and Blaise kiss on stage,

in front of a packed audience of family and friends. 

Screenplays: Work
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